Westpac - The First 100 Days

To create solid foundations for deep and enduring customer relationships, Westpac needed a strategy to fundamentally transform how customers were brought onboard.

The business challenge

Journey mapping identified that customers were receiving inconsistent experiences that weren't delivering to their individual needs and a combination of strict regulatory requirements and legacy processes were causing pain points for customers.


Every new-to-bank customer is different and comes to Westpac with different needs. So we needed an onboarding strategy that reflected the diversity of new customers and not a one size fits all approach.


We radically redesigned onboarding with the end customer journey in mind. Shaped entirely around individual customer's behaviour The First 100 Days programme recognises each action they take, addressing all major customer pain points, the non-linear multi-channel contact strategy is fully adaptive to give them exactly what they need, when they need it.


Westpac are already seeing the benefits with a significant reduction in churn, increase in customer satisfaction scores, and improvements in additional customer needs being met.

Churn reduction


Uplift in additional needs met


What people said

"I have been so impressed with my experience at Westpac. I have previously worked in banking and was unsure about opening an account at a 'big bank' thinking I would just be a 'number' but from the moment I walked in the door, and through follow up phone calls I have felt so valued as a customer. I am really impressed and have told people of my experience. thank you :)"
- Westpac new to bank customer

"This programme has been a stand out success at Westpac in 2016 and is set to move the dial even further in 2017 and beyond."
- Oliver Lynch, Head of Customer Experience, Brand & Marketing Westpac

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