Metrix: Using customer experience to drive a cultural change

Metrix offers advanced data-metering solutions to New Zealand's utility companies. We worked with Metrix on a change project to realign company culture with the needs of the customer.

The business challenge

While Metrix provided technology leadership and expertise, poor client satisfaction scores indicated that customer service and support needs were not being met.


Over a four-month period, TRACK co-led a CEO-sponsored project with the HR and Operations Director to facilitate a transition to a more customer-centric culture to deliver improvements in experience and performance.

To deliver the changes the business required, we:

  • Mapped the customer journey and pinpointed roles that teams play to support it, which was displayed as a three metre mural in the company HQ,
  • Distilled insights from staff and customer face-to-face interviews into three customer imperatives,
  • Workshopped solutions with all staff and created team-led agendas for change, based on the three imperatives,
  • Reoriented company focus from 'compliance and data quality' (functional) to 'trust and confidence' (emotional)

Initiated an 'M Power' cross-functional team to take ownership of the change agenda and M Power awards.


  • The process of mapping, and the transparency it created, enabled all participants to understand where they fitted and how what they did, impacted the customer. This generated a number of 'aha' moments that led to the team changing behaviours.
  • Taking a collaborative approach to mapping and solution development was critical to enabling real experience transformation.
  • The change management aspect of Customer Experience initiatives are often overlooked, but are a critical success factor. In this case, the biggest shift was cultural – everything else flowed from there.

What’s next?

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