Purpose Built

We make business personal. We put human behavior first - data and tech second.
We believe in doing the right thing by customers using the power of ‘contextual creativity’.

Our Promise

"We will grow your business by transforming the way you connect with your customers".

1. We help you to understand your customers, through analytics, listening and observation.

2. We map the journeys your customers are on and identify opportunities to create value.

3. We use data and technology to deliver always-on programmes that realise that value.

4. We create communications that connect with your customers in the moment and in context.

5. We support the internal change required to deliver customer-led transformation.

Our Team


Cheery looking lot, eh?

We do have it pretty good here. BackTRACK celebrations every month. Knowledge shares. Outlook calendars brimming with birthday parties (and, more importantly, birthday cakes). The chips and cheeky drinks aren’t even just for Fridays. All that, plus a bunch of thoughtful people being nice to each other all day. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Meet the Leadership Team

Rob Limb


Rob established TRACK, formerly known as RAPP, in New Zealand as part of the DDB Group in 2007 and has run it with great passion and success ever since. He's a tireless advocate for the power of customer intimacy and an active member of the Marketing Association.

+64 27 479 0040

Andy Bell

Managing Director

Andy joined in 2011 bringing 20-plus years of experience in strategic marketing, agency management and consultancy. His entire career has been focused on helping organisations extract and grow value from their customer portfolios, so he’s right at home working at TRACK.

+64 27 210 6881

Sarndra Bell

Client Service Director

Sarndra joined TRACK to lead the Account Service team in 2016, having spent her career in direct and digital marketing. Connecting with customers using data and technology is Sarndra’s big thing - and it’s already getting great results.

+64 21 613 414

Jeff Harris

Creative Director

Jeff brings over 30 years of DM and digital experience both here and in the UK. He is passionate about helping clients grow their businesses through the use of response-driven and effective creativity.

+64 21 500 334

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